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The Chisholm Letters


Families connected to the town scavenger

Colin Ross (1822-1882) – known as the founder of Inverell in New South Wales
“Things never stood still for long in Inverell, thanks in part to the endeavours
of Colin Ross.” p. 223.

Robert Ross (1833-1893) – an early Queensland settler living around Yeppoon, Emu
Plains, Cawarral and Taranganba overlooking Keppel Island. Robert Ross initiated a
fake gold rush which was known as the Taranganba swindle. pp. 235-237

Isabel Chisholm (1791-bef 1851), had a nephew who had an illegitimate male son.
“The wee lad was named James Macdonald Ramsay. He was later to be known
as Ramsay Macdonald. He became the first Labour Prime Minister of the United
Kingdom.” p. 257

Catherine Chisholm (1798-1876) from Dingwall had a son-in- law, Daniel Clark, a
notorious criminal of ‘habite and repute’. His crimes, daring prison escape
and eventual discovery are revealed. pp 105-6, pp 261-70

The Tale of a Town Scavanger